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At CTM Music everything evolves around intensive personal coaching, support of talents and celebrities, and creating and developing long-term artist careers. In collaboration with the most valued partners, both nationally and internationally, the best marketing and management campaign for every single artist is strategized in full. One of the basic principles for creating success is to maintain a solid network in the media and entertainment industry.

This enables CTM Music to stand out from the competition in achieving maximum results for its artists. CTM Music continually re-invests in the development of its artists’ careers; this is an intensive approach that demands a lot of time, money and energy. CTM Music chooses to be selective and will always opt for long-term career development, rather than volume, since the real distinction is in fact made by quality and not quantity.

VO Sound

Jan Smit and Volendam Music founded record Label VoSound Records in the spring of 2012. After finishing his new record ‘Vrienden’, Smit decided it should be the first release on his brand new label. Vosound Records’ first achievement was simultaneously their first #1 hit in the Dutch Singles Charts with Echte Vrienden (a duet with Gerard Joling). The album Vrienden kept powering through and consequently reached #1 in the Dutch Album Charts, respectively the label’s second achievement. Later that year the young label also received a platinum award for selling more than 50,000 copies of the album Vrienden.

These events combined make it the most successful launch of a record label ever, globally. This milestone was followed by Jan Smit’s releases of De Rockfield Sessies and the successful album Jij en Ik. Jan Smit also created the extremely successful animated TV serie for toddlers called de 2 Kleine Kleutertjes. Vosound released books, puzzles, CD’s and DVD’s. In the meantime more than 250.000 copies have been sold in Holland alone. International versions will be launched shortly and a cinema movie about and with the 2 Kleine Kleutertjes is planned for 2021.


CNR Records was founded in 1937 by Cornelis Nicolaas Rood and is the oldest Dutch independent record label. In the 1950s, CNR became an established name in the record industry. The record label (then often referred to as C.N. Rood BV) contracted distribution and marketing rights for several foreign pop and classical record labels. CNR also signed up several local artists.The 60s are characterized by the many number one hits of artists such as Heintje, Gert Timmerman, De Selvera’s, John Lamers and Rocco Granata.

After building up a huge catalog, the success continues into the 1970s with the successes of Andre van Duin, Willy Alberti, Trio Hellenique, Teach-In and Francis Goya, among others. CNR has become an indispensable part of the music industry when artists such as Gordon, René Froger and Benny Neyman achieved their first successes in the 80s, followed by international successes with 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Doop, Synthesizer Greatest and Twenty 4 Seven.

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Our digital music distribution is worldwide, unlimited available within 24 hours anywhere in the cloud and on online platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Tik Tok.


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Neighbouring rights

If you are an artist, musician, producer or master owner and your music is commercially released and played on radio or TV, then you are entitled to receive neighbouring rights. CTM Neighbouring Rights can provide a service to collect both national and international neighbouring rights, known as SENA income in the Netherlands.

Musicians, producers and master owners are entitled to a remuneration when their music is played on radio or TV. CTM handles the registration on your behalf and processes the income through your statements worldwide. Don’t leave any of your money outstanding, let CTM Neighbouring Rights collect it for you!

Performing musician or producer
As a performing musician or producer of a track (phonogram), you are legally entitled to receive neighbouring rights payments. In the context of neighbouring rights, a performing musician is an artist or (session) musician who plays an instrument, sings vocals or produces music on a computer. In the context of neighbouring rights, a producer is the party who bears financial responsibility for the master, also known as the master owner. In many cases this is the record company, but this can also be the artist himself in case of an independent release.

Neighbouring rights income has grown enormously in recent years, and thus also the income received by performing musicians who mostly work on a computer instead of in a studio with (session) musicians. Per track 50% of the fee is paid to the performing musician and 50% is paid to the producer (master owner/ financier) of the track.

CTM collects worldwide

Most European countries have similar legislation as the Netherlands. This means that if your music is played in other countries, as an artist, musician or producer you are entitled to receive a fee. We will make sure that if your music is played abroad you will be paid for this use as well.

Digital fingerprinting for producers

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a digital fingerprint for producers’ repertoire. It is a unique identification number for each individual recording. The ISRC system has been developed in such way that we can keep control over the use of your work. And that is of course essential in this current digital era.