Elske DeWall

It all started with a sync in the popular Dutch TV-series ‘Moordvrouw’ in 2012.
‘This Game’ was chosen as the theme song for the series, and it instantly became Elske DeWall’s first major hit in The Netherlands.

But it was her impersonation of ‘Maria’, a role she played in the annual hit musical ‘The Passion’ that made an unforgettable impression on the Dutch audience. Her version of ‘Heb Het Leven Lief’, by Liesbeth List became the audience favorite. Due to its popularity, it was released as a single.

Elske DeWall soon became the ‘usual suspect’ for collaborations with Dutch artists such as the 3J’s and Shirma Rouse, but DeWall gained international recognition as well by no one less than Lionel Richie.

A true vocal virtuoso who leaves any audience in awe of her talent.