Thomas Acda, Paul de Munnik, Maan & Typhoon – Als Ik Je Weer Zie

Thomas Acda, Paul De Munnik, Maan and Typhoon have joined forces for a unique collaboration. Today the song ‘Als Ik Je Weer Zie’ was released in which friendship, in times when you can see each other less often, is central. It is the first time that the foursome has worked together and released a song.

The immediate reason for writing the song was the relocation of the De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE event where they would perform. Artists often see each other there for a longer period of time and when it turned out that this was not possible for the first time in 22 years, the foursome decided to meet. In November they rented a house on Ameland where they worked on a song that was to be published in January.

‘The idea was born pretty quickly’, says Paul de Munnik. “We locked ourselves up with a nice club of friends for 24 hours and then we’ll see what comes out.” Thomas Acda ‘At worst, you have a nice weekend and at best something nice to be able to share with the country’. “Of course the song is easy to link to the past year,” says Glenn de Randamie about the thoughts behind “Als Ik Je Weer Zie”. ‘But we wanted to go further than that, because seeing friends less often for a longer period of time is of course of all times.

Maan adds: “It doesn’t have to say anything about the quality of the friendship and that actually seemed like a good starting point that applies to many situations. Including ours, now that we can’t see our friends from the industry for a longer period of time.”

The single ‘Als Ik Je Weer Zie’ can be listened to via all major streaming services or via this link: