12 August 2021

Tony Junior signs record and publishing deal with CTM

Dutch DJ and producer Tony Junior recently signed a record and publishing deal with CTM. Tony Junior was one of the few Dutch DJs to tour Asia in December and January. At the moment, as far as the local corona measures allow, he is working on his summer tour at home and abroad.

Tony will be releasing a series of singles at CTM Records, aimed at a wide audience and focused on radio and streaming. He continues to release his club records through Revealed Music (founded by DJ Hardwell). At CTM Publishing, the focus is, in addition to making music for himselve, to also write music for other artists and within different genres. Friday August 13th he will release his single ‘Kruel’ on CTM Records.

Tony Junior: “I like to give people a good time in all kinds of ways. Through my Twitch channel, my TV appearances, and of course through my music and shows, I have all kinds of fans. Of course my club music doesn’t appeal to all those people. I therefore wanted a team around me that, through all kinds of creative and business support, could help me release more records that appeal to a broad target group. I found that team at CTM. We’re going to put out a lot of really big records and the first one is Kruel.”

Bo de Raaff, General Manager CTM Music about the collaboration: “Within CTM we are continuously looking for cross-fertilization between our different departments. Tony Junior is a familiar face to many and he normally flies around the world doing shows. I am proud that we have the same vision and that we will try to take it to an even higher level.”

Stephanie McGuire (A&R CTM Publishing): “It’s a real joy to work with Tony. A successful DJ/producer with a rock star appearance, a great personality and a great work ethic. In addition to focusing on his commercial radio releases, on the publishing side we will also focus on his club releases and composing for third parties. I am proud to be a part of both creating and releasing his music.