YAM is an Amsterdam-based producer who started producing music in his bedroom at the age of 12. In the following years, he created various ghost productions for several Dutch DJs, quickly building a vast network in the music industry.

Over the past three years, YAM has further developed himself as a producer in various genres such as Arabic, Afro, Hip-hop, and Pop. He achieved a number 1 hit in the Moroccan Spotify, Deezer, TikTok, and YouTube charts with the song “Ghazali” in collaboration with DYSTINCT.

Additionally, he released Rap/Trap tracks with internationally respected artists like 3robi & wewantwraiths and most recently reached the number one position on the official Dutch music charts with the song “Van Mij zijn” featuring Katnuf.

Thanks to his consistently positive and infectious energy, he has managed to achieve these successes thus far.