Musical talent, lyrical genius and life of the party; just a few ways how you can describe Stepherd.

With more than 10 years of experience in the Urban scene, Stepherd has experienced all movements and has always remained true to his feelings. You also notice that in his music. Just when you think you can put it in a certain box, it comes with something completely new and surprising.

“Everything is how I am, I always illuminate a different part of myself. Who knows what I am coming with tomorrow. “

Stepherd has been part of Nouveau Riche for many years (including Mr. Polska and Jebroer, among others). He was among others on the compilation album “Alziend Oor”, performed with the Nouveau Riche collective at various major festivals and toured several times through the Netherlands and Belgium. This self-proclaimed “Funk Soul Brother” made energetic electronic tracks with Boaz van de Beatz but also soulful old school hip hop with a disco feel.

Stepherd then joins forces with Skinto and this creates an unseen entertainment duo. This is evident from the energetic live shows they provide, their own program ‘Beautiful Boy on the Road’ for music channel XITE and various joint releases. 

Stepherd & Skinto scored a huge hit in Belgium with the song “Banaan” (in collaboration with Jebroer and Jayh). The song ends up on all playlists, is listed for weeks in the Top 10 of the Ultra Top 50 and the corresponding clip is viewed millions of times. The next single “Broke Obama” is also welcomed by 3FM, FunX and Slam! FM, among others, and so “Broke Obama” grows to be the favorite song for tough weekends.

In 2018, Stepherd released a solo EP “Let me be honest with you”, an autobiographical, uncensored collection of tracks about the peaks, valleys and especially turbulent relationships with the women in his life. The EP tells the story of someone who lives in fleeting relationships, broken hearts, and willing women / groupies in the nightlife. Whoever expects to hear an ideal son-in-law will be disappointed. Without turning around, Stepherd tells the story of his imperfect life, direct, raw, sincere. 

Party, Slow Jamz, hard stairs; Stepherd does it all and prepare, 2019 will also show many other sides of this all-round artist.