Artist Oualid Roshdy from Amsterdam-East, born on 16-09-1993 in Ceuta (Spain), better known by his artist name Oualid. Oualid already knew at the age of 14 what he wanted to become, namely a famous singer/rapper. A true artist like his cousins Yes-R & Ali-B. Together with his other cousin Rakimster, he started looking at how his famous cousins were doing. He soon learned to rhyme and after a first small performance in a community center in Amsterdam East, he quickly knew that this is what he wants to be and wants to keep doing.

Oualid soon learned to write his own lyrics. His first single “Oualid – Die Kleine Dingen” was an internet hit in 2011 and quickly gained traction, as he suddenly got gigs, lots of views, a lot of attention from fans, and became increasingly famous in the scene. He started to release many new songs such as a collaboration and also hit the internet with his cousins Yes-R & Rakimster with the track called “I can’t do without you”. Oualid has also become an example for many young people. He was on tour with the “Im In” campaign in Amsterdam in the summer of 2012. With that, he went almost everywhere and made a single called “Oualid – Do Your Best”. In it, he expresses a lot about young people and tries to get them positive through his lyrics. This became a huge success, so Oualid was fully booked for the “Im in” campaign for the summer of 2013.

Apart from his music career, he has always been busy writing and learning to produce for other artists. In 2014, for example, he opened his own studio called Nokeyz Music NL to make his own sound even better and gain more inspiration by producing for other artists and becoming even more musical. Oualid did this together with his producer Tommy Zijlstra, who has been producing for Oualid since 2011. After 3 successful years, they came up with the name Nokeyz NL, which was invented as a crew name by Oualid and Tommy Zijlstra. But why Nokeyz NL? We asked Oualid for a brief explanation: Why we chose Nokeyz NL as a crew name is because we gave them everything (3) for three years (Oualid-R Tommy & Rakimster) to get there. No doors that were opened by ourselves, we had to do our utmost for everything and everywhere to make our voice heard, and we have succeeded so far. That is why we came up with the name Nokeyz, which means nothing else to us than achieving everything on our own. Oualid is a growing artist who has a lot of potential. He is working on many new singles and video clips, so stay tuned!