In a family with 5 children, he is literally ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. Malcolm Meijer (Mael) was born 21 years ago in Friesland and grew up in a village near Haarlem. As a talented footballer and son of a professional player, his career seemed to have been mapped out at an early age.

But in the end it was not the sport, but the music that captured his heart. Mael first realized that he could sing in his brother’s bedroom.

He listened to the R&B stars of the ’00s, but ultimately it was Kempi and CHO who inspired him to start making music himself. He went to the Herman Brood Academy, where he is now in the first year. He is training to become an MC, but actually prefers not to be pigeonholed.

It is the crossover between singing and rap that makes Mael distinctive. “Simply different” is how his music describes itself. In October 2016, Mael posted a video of his music on Instagram and it did not go unnoticed in the industry.

He got signed to TopNotch were he had his breakthrough, with his most recent projects Destiny and Destiny II he solidified his position as big R&B Talent.