Arjen Lubach

In 2001, the song “Jelle” by Janine Abbring and Lubach under the pseudonym Slimme Schemer ft. Tido became a number 2 hit on the Mega Top 100 and a number 3 hit on the Top 40 charts. This song originated as a joke around the Noorderslag Festival and is a parody of Eminem, the American rapper, and Dido, the British singer, particularly their song “Stan.” “Slimme Schemer” is a play on the nickname of Eminem, “Slim Shady.” The lyrics tell the story of a fan named Jelle, who sings to disappoint De Kast singer Syb van der Ploeg and accuses him of not responding to his messages.

In 2015, Lubach released the song “Justified (Sunrise funk)” under the name Hartebees, under which he continued to release music in the following years. In July 2016, it was announced that Lubach, along with Sacha Harland, formed the dance duo The Galaxy. The Amsterdam-based DJ duo released the EP “Bass Country Club” in 2015 on Barong Family, the label founded by Yellow Claw. They released their second EP, “Moon & The Stars,” at the end of 2016.

In 2018, Lubach released the single “Tweede Paasdag” in collaboration with vlogger Famke Louise. The single was first performed on his show “Zondag met Lubach.” In the same year, the song “A Boat Beneath A Sunny Sky” was also released.

For his theater shows “Arjen Lubach LIVE!,” he released the tracks “Beter in Bed” and “WOKE.”

His most recent release was in collaboration with Merol. The song with a music video titled “Ik **** je op afstand” was first performed on “Zondag met Lubach.” The term “op afstand” in the song refers to the measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic.