Mitchell lc yard

Mitchell was always fascinated by music but never knew that he could create his own. Inspired by artist and good friend Maydien, Mitchell started to install his first music program around 2004. Immediately hooked Mitchell began to give music a serious chance to change his life. When Mitchell was dropped out of highschool he tried his best to participate on the Herman Brood Music Academie in Utrecht In 2011 where he was schooled by Wutang member GZA, Rakim, KRS-One and the top dutch hiphop industrie. With theist motivation his first real official project was born "Listen Care Fully EP" from artist Maydien. 

Mitchell combines several types of genres creating his own unique sounds. From sample based hiphop, Pop to 808 beats to neo-soul / Future beats. This offers a diverse repertoire of creativity. Mitchell always tries to get out of his comfort zone to learn as much about music as possible.

His latest work with Maydien is called‚ "Lay of the land" EP. The single of this EP is called: ’#MOOD” ft Joose the Conqueror & J-Rican (USA). With over 200K streams on sound cloud worldwide Mitchell showed a lot of effort in the growth of his music.

Apart from producing music for artists, promotional films and trailers for brands such as Blueblood, Dailymovement, G-Shock, Filling Pieces, T-Mobile, Notre Vue and Monta Heritage the passion for DJ-ing became real and Mitchell started playing in the hottest clubs around Holland such as the Jimmy Woo (AMS), Chicago Social Club (AMS), Ludwig (AMS), Club 22-24 (DTC) HQ (EIND) and many more. Next to DJ-ing Mitchell started his
own party called 'Nachtbeest’ and showed that he knows about showmanship and what it takes to organize a good party.