When you listen to the music of Meru Joy Duijsens Quintana, you would never expect that a twenty two year old girl (August 15, 1996) born in Nijmegen produces all this magic. 

We almost would never had heard of her; since MERU is a multidisciplinary artist with different qualities in the field of singing, drawing, writing and poetry, she had a hard time figuring out which creative output would fit best. A friend suggested that she should audition at the Herman Brood Academy, where her talent for writing beautiful music was stimulated and she developed into the artist that we can gladly enjoy today.

Her music carries a warm feeling of melancholy. This is probably a product of her Venezuelan roots that also is notable in her native Spanish ‘Castellano’ songs. The topics she talks about in her songs are a reflection of her upbringing and experiences she had in the time she lived in Venezuela. Being raised by her Venezuelan mother, she went visiting Venezuela many times. In this period MERU emerged as a dreamy thinker who wants to carry forward positive vibes with her music. Her way of thinking and how she is in life is also represented in her music, not being able to be put in a box, but as she says herself: ‘you will always get a laid back vibe from me’.

For the past two years, MERU has also been working outside the studio to make a name for herself, performing in different stages and festivals, such as WOO HAH!, Zwarte Cross, Roots Festival, 013 Tilburg, and Luxor Live in Arnhem, to name a few. She also has performed abroad, once in Berlin together with her creative agency, Bureau Punt, and with the legendary Gerardo Rosales -a Venezuelan master on the congo- in Germany. In addition, she was the supporting act in 2017 for Mos Def in Paradiso Amsterdam. 

Currently, MERU is working hard to finish up her debut project. An EP which features both Spanish and English tracks with her distinctive laidback and soulful vibe that will show off her versatility and character. So stay on the lookout for releases from her and stay amazed!