24 June 2021

Sam Feldt starts Heartfeldt Publishing with CTM Publishing

Leading independent music publisher CTM Publishing BV starts a publishing joint venture with Platinum awarded producer and songwriter Sam Feldt: Heartfeldt Publishing.

In addition to the worldwide successful career of Sam Feldt and his label Heartfeldt Records, having his own publishing company, fulfills a dream Sam has had for many years. With Heartfeldt Publishing he can give other artists the opportunity to take the next step in their career. CTM will provide full administrative and creative services on a global basis. Both Sam, with his Heartfeldt brand, and CTM are internationally successful in the music business, and joining forces of these two power players will obviously create many worldwide successes for the future.

Jitze de Raaff (Managing Director CTM Publishing): “Sam Feldt is one of the most important songwriters in the world today. More than 6 years moving on since the iconic hit song ‘Show Me Love’, Sam has continued to deliver massive worldwide hits like ‘Post Malone’. His songs are amongst the most streamed songs of the last decade in the electronic music space while Sam keeps touring around the world. It’s wonderful to welcome Sam’s Heartfeldt Publishing and its artists to the CTM family. We are looking forward building Heartfeldt Publishing together.”                                                                                                                                

Sam Feldt: “I’m always on the lookout for new talent to sign to my label Heartfeldt Records or promote in my Heartfeldt Radio show. In partnership with CTM, launching my own publishing company will allow me to offer a whole new range of services to artists in the Heartfeldt family. We’re going to help artists write and publish even bigger songs, land awesome collaborations and generate more income through synchs. I’m thrilled to have found an amazing partner in CTM, the biggest independent publisher, to come along on this journey. We’ve already signed a bunch of amazing artists that Heartfeldt will now be able to support in all aspects of their musical career.”