10 January 2023

Jitze de Raaff new chairman of the Dutch Music Publishers Association.

Jitze de Raaff (CTM Publishing) is the new chairman of the Dutch Music Publishers Association (NMUV) for a minimum period of four years.

Jitze de Raaff succeeds Mark Bremer (Universal Music Publishing). Mark Bremer has been in charge of summaries for over four years after taking over from Niels Walboomers.

Bremer: “When I took office, I intended to continue the line of further professionalization of the NMUV, which had been initiated under the previous chairman Niels Walboomers. Together with the entire board, the PR committee, Davo van Peursen (director), Edith Severs (vice-chairman) and Natasja Koop (board secretary), we have made every effort to serve the interests of our members in various areas, including the international cooperation with the ICPM, with the FEMU for lyrics and sheet music, with the copyright associations regarding the code of conduct, with the VMN to further optimize the cooperation and with Buma Stemra with NMUV delegation and members in its various councils and committees in Buma Culture . I thank all NMUV and VMN members for their trust and with Jitze, the NMUV has a dynamic and energetic chairman for the first few years.”

De Raaff: “I thank the members of the NMUV for choosing me. I would like to ensure that the entire board meets with the NMUV and continues to represent all publishers in the Netherlands.”

Together with director Davo van Peursen, De Raaff will work for dozens of publishers working in the music industry. Together they represent the most important music authors from the Netherlands and abroad.

Mark Bremer will remain as a board member of NMUV.

Source: Entertainment Business.