Despite his serious job at ING, Wander (28) is still that guy with his guitar and energetic Dutch repertoire who knows how to rock any venue. When he came to Amsterdam to study in 2012, he quickly found his way to the stage and played at student parties all over the country. And although his econometrics studies have been completed and he navigates through the working life during the day, whenever possible, Excel models are swiftly exchanged for music to get people dancing!

Catchy choruses and sharp lyrics accompanied by his virtuoso guitar playing led to his first radio successes with ‘Nog Heel Even’ (Just a Little Longer) and ‘Zonder Jou’ (Without You). This earned Wander a nomination for the 100% NL Talent of the Year. After his participation in Giel’s Talentenjacht in 2016 and the concluding performance in the main hall of Paradiso, it became clear that he has all it takes to become an established name in the Dutch pop genre.

With his first official record deal in his pocket, Wander is now ready to take the next step. His new single ‘9 uur lang’ (9 Hours Long) / upcoming EP is proof that he has evolved and is more than ever capable of making his infectious sing-alongs stick in the ears of the pub audience.