Tribal Kush

Tribal Kush is not just a DJ duo, it’s an experience.

They are the transporters of minds and souls to an amazing tropical paradise that, while leaving you in a kind of hypnosis, strangely also leaves you feeling regenerated. Tribal Kush’s confident appearance is matched by their masterful control of mixing and performance.

To watch Tribal Kush is just like the coziest and most tropic holiday you have ever had.

But who are the characters behind Tribal Kush?
It is a comprised of two music men who came together in 2015 and started as ghost producers for many well-known acts.

By blending different music genres together and still adding tropical ingredients, they created a unique sound which they call Tropical Bass.

Tribal Kush knows how to heat it up and move the masses.

Now in 2018 they have decided to be in the spotlight in any club or festival as the most exciting DJ / MC duo you have ever seen.
So if you really want tropical coziness with a touch of nerdy and humor, then you can’t miss this DJ duo in your line up!