Sophia Habib

It’s okay to be vulnerable is the core message of Sophia Habib’s debut album Fragile. ‘Tightrope walking’ on the border between Pop and Electronic R&B, the Rotterdam singer-songwriter sets a good example herself. So does she sing about her absent father on ‘Questions’ and deals with her fraudulent ex-manager on ‘Ass Out = Trash Out’.

Although Sophia Habib releases music independently, Fragile has already been picked up internationally. “A walls-down, neo-soul effort that tackles everything from heartbreak to family abandonment,” said Paper magazine about the album.

Sophia is working hard and writes not only for herself but also for others. The promising writer feels completely at ease in both English and Dutch. By having the gift of putting herself completely in someone else’s story combined with strong melodic qualities, Sophia is able to write unique, sincere and above all catchy songs. There is a lot ahead, with a second album, several music videos and of course the collaboration with CTM Publishing.