SoMo (Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales) is an American singer-songwriter hailing from Texas, known for his covers along with his original songs. Born as the eldest son in a family with a musical father, SoMo had a very challenging start. Due to his music career, his father was not around much when SoMo was a child, leading to a somewhat lonely childhood. To make matters worse, his mother struggled to raise the children on her own. SoMo first gained attention when he chose the path of YouTube to gain recognition. He started uploading covers of popular songs by Drake, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd. Over the next two years, he garnered a large fanbase on YouTube and signed a record deal with Republic Records, marking the beginning of his musical career. In April 2014, he released his self-titled debut album, which was both critically and commercially successful. In the following years, he released several installments of his mixtape ‘My Life’ and a studio album titled ‘The Answers’.