Ruben Annink

Ruben Annink (Amsterdam, 13 juni 1998) is a dutch singer-songwriter and student at the Dutch Pop Academie (NPAC) in Utrecht. In 2012, he joined the first season of the Voice Kids and made it to the battles. In 2015 he took part in the fourth season of the best singer-songwriter program. After he made it to the finals, he lost the competition against Anna Rune. 

In 2016 he released a song in collaboration with Jonna Fraser and DJ Monica Geuze: “Nu of Nooit”. In this same year he made the titelsong for “Angry Births: De Film”. In 2017 he began collaborating with dutch rapper Keizer and they made a song called “Twee”. Later on he made a song together with Teske de Schepper: “Tijdmachine”.