Based in The Netherlands, talented collective Reversal are gaining a growing reputation as producers. These gifted multi-talents have been working diligently on creating a new sound in urban music, mainly focussed on Hip-Hop and R&B with catchy pop influences.

At a young age they started developing a passion for producing and creating music. Both continued touring the world for the likes of several A+ artists, following by making name for themselves as a producing collective in the music scene.

They produced for artists such as Chief Kamachi, Killah Priest, Rampage (Flipmode Squad), Craig G, Supreme (Bootcamp Click), King Magnetic, Big Shug, Dom Pachino (WuTang Clan’s Kill Army), 2nd Generation Wu-Tang, Nelis Joustra, Lizzy and Cali4nia Jones. Their productions often consist of many layers and influences from different genres, which allows them to diversify their sound to an aesthetically pleasing sound.