Rafael Maijnard

Rafael Maijnard (31) is a composer, keyboard player, pianist, and singer living in the Netherlands, born in Suriname. He is a self-made man who has taught himself everything since the age of 14, and since 2013, he has been living his dream full-time. As a performing musician, he has had many successful years and has toured the Netherlands for years with the best cover band in the country called “Beethoven.” In this band, he has played the biggest hits from a wide range of styles. He has often shared the stage with artists such as Marco Borsato, Lil Kleine, Ali B, Maan, Sharon Doorson, Kraantje Pappi, Bizzy, Kenny B, Do, Gerard Joling, and many others. In September 2019, Rafael decided that he wanted to focus more on composing songs, with the aim of leaving a more pronounced legacy in the music world. His talent was noticed by Zerodix and picked up by Jordan Wayne, and in no time, Rafael has had the opportunity to share the studio with greats such as Ronnie Flex, Jayh, Jonna Fraser, Priceless, Caza, Idaly, and many more. Within two months, this has already resulted in the release of three singles: “Heimwee” and the “Givenchy Bag Remix” by Ronnie Flex, and “Cola Batra Body” by Adje & Architracks. The highlight for him so far is his involvement in Ronnie Flex’s upcoming album on 01-01-2020, where he has been able to showcase his skills on at least half of the album.