Orange Skyline

2023 was clearly the year of Orange Skyline. ESNS, Pinkpop, Edison nomination and many… many shows..

But first let’s go back in time… Orange Skyline was formed during a car trip to Groningen after the last Oasis concert in Amsterdam. The four very young guys in the backseat know enough. It’s a matter of living the dream instead of dreaming your life, as most people do.

Now, more than ten years later, Orange Skyline is a household name in the Dutch music scene. They recently released their second album, simply called “Orange Skyline”. JB Meijers was responsible for the production of the record.

And what an album it has become! What to think of the track A Fire. This single from the self-titled new album was the anthem during the broadcasts of the Winter Olympics in Beijing on NOS in February 2022. In a true rain of medals, it was the dream sing-along that emphasized the fighting spirit of the band and athletes. The full band sound almost made every TV set explode. And otherwise radios throughout the country, because the song was also the Top Song on NPO Radio 2, just as the first single from the album Shine On already was. All other radio stations in the country also loved A Fire.

Meanwhile, singer Stefan was a notable participant in the 2022 edition of ‘De Slimste Mens’ (translated as The Smartest Human Being). Rockers don’t always have to be stupid guys. He lasted no fewer than six broadcasts in the popular television program. Just before finals week arrived, he was killed. But he did lose as a winner.

The album has now been awarded an Edison nomination in the “Rock” category and, in addition to a series of bookings at festivals throughout the country, has also earned the band the dream spot at Pinkpop! In June 2023, the band will be in front of a sea of ​​pink hats and enthusiastic fans with their set that is full of festival hits.

The band returned to the clubs in the fall of 2023. The tour had eleven shows and at those gigs the audience always knows that something is going to happen. The band wants to give the fans something they can live on for weeks. You should turn a performance into a party. They think you should be able to do it everywhere. They are not a fair weather band. Orange Skyline just wants to experience something exciting together. Every night again.