Okke Punt

From the moment Okke Punt first touched an instrument he was hooked. Having played the drums for several years, his younger self picked up a blues harmonica and a microphone and started to jam his way through his local music scene. These years of musical exploration and development would have a great impact on his later life.

Age eighteen he gets admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Amsterdam (Pop Department), a school dedicated to nurturing young Pop musicians into schooled professionals. As raw a talent he is, Okke struggles through school while immediately gaining the attention of Yori Swart, who asks him to be her sidekick on her national and international tours. After 6 years of on-and-off touring they go their separate ways.

Early in 2015, Joe Sumner of Fiction Plane gets in touch with Okke, asking him to play guitar and backing vocals on their latest tour. Taking the job takes him from Berlin to Paris and from New York to L.A., playing legendary venues such as The Roxy Theatre and the Wonder Bar.

In between touring, Okke also competes on a Dutch TV-Show called The Best Singer/Songwriter of Holland. Being a crowd favorite, he finishes second in the show. His first single “Life Ain’t Easy” is released shortly after.

In the fall of 2015, Okke releases is debut album “Okke Punt”, featuring a collection of songs he wrote during his touring years. The first single Wake Me Up is very well received online, surpassing 2.000.000 streams in less than a year. On the back of that, Okke also receives an award for best commercial song of 2015 for his song “Wat Een Dag”.

In 2020, he had modest success in the Dutch charts with the song “Verliezen Met Jullie” together with the artists Snelle and Pjotr.