Niels Zuiderhoek

Niels Zuiderhoek is an all-round platinum award winning songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

Niels started his career as a producer and writer working for the Dutch hiphop and pop scene creating records for the likes of The Proov, Lois Lane, Birgit Schuurman, DJ Mason, and many more.

During that time he started working in the Film and Advertisement business, shortly after the First Cannes Gold Lion was won for the Music of the Peugeot 206 „Sculpture“ Film.

Meanwhile ‘HUSAN’ by BhangraKnight vs Husan (written and produced by Niels) became a huge hit in more than 40 countries and reached top ten in the UK Charts, eventually winning a British Music Award.

 In 2008 just before moving to Berlin (where Niels now resides) he got to produce an EP for a new Dutch band called ‘Kensington’ This very successful and long lasting relationship turned into multiple platinum and gold singles and albums for the band who are now the biggest act in The Netherlands.

 In 2017 Niels started working with then 17 year young German singer ELI. The song ‘Change Your Mind’ which is produced by Niels quickly hit the top of the German charts and became certified Gold shortly after.

Niels is well known for his passion and deep understanding of music ranging from deeply electronic, pop, rock and urban.