Niels Schlimback

Niels Schlimback was one of the four members of the former boy band FOURCE from 2017 until the end of 2022. Before that, he spent three years with the children’s choir Kinderen voor Kinderen. Since then, he has also been active as a presenter, both at events (Tina Festival, Dutch Media Week, NIK&NIK), on YouTube (Yours Today, his own channel), and on TV (substitute host for Zapp Kids Top 20).

Niels Schlimback (2005) grew up in Nijmegen and started his musical training at the Lindenberg when he was seven years old. A year later, he auditioned for Kinderen voor Kinderen and was accepted into the choir. During the three years that Niels was with Kinderen voor Kinderen, he sang several solo numbers, including “Als de bel gaat.” He also had a solo in the King’s Day song of 2015 (“Energie!”).

At Kinderen voor Kinderen, Niels also gained his first presentation experience, often together with Stefania. He did so well that he was able to present many items for Kinderen voor Kinderen. He then used this experience as a basis for videos on his own YouTube channel.

In 2017, Niels became too old for Kinderen voor Kinderen and turned to another pillar of singing and dancing at NPO Zapp: he signed up for the Junior Songfestival. The producers decided to bring him together with Ian Kuyper, Jannes Heuvelmans, and Max Mies, and together they formed the boy band FOURCE. The boys won the national final and were able to represent the Netherlands with their song “Love Me” at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi, Georgia. They defended our country’s honor by finishing fourth.

With FOURCE, Niels has achieved many successes since then, including 25 number-one hits in the Kids Top 20, many tens of millions of streams and views on Spotify and YouTube, 5 sold-out concerts for thousands of fans in venues like 013 and Ahoy, his own theater tour with 32 shows, performances at all sorts of festivals and in a whole series of TV programs, his own merchandise line with a total of over 100 different items, and awards including a Zapp Award and a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award.

For the boys of FOURCE, 2022 was the last year of their joint career. After five and a half years, they closed the chapter with a grand symphonic Christmas concert in the Brabanthallen on December 11, titled “Symphonic Christmas.”

Niels received his havo diploma in 2022 and is currently focusing on his development as a presenter and content creator during his gap year. In terms of presenting, he has already gained considerable experience over the past few years as one of the regular faces of the YouTube channel Yours Today and as a substitute host for the Zapp Kids Top 20 on NPO Zapp. He also hosted the stage program for the Droomstage at the Tina Festival and the Xperience Stage during the Dutch Media Week at the Media Park in Hilversum.

But the most important stage for Niels is his own YouTube channel, where he has now gathered more than 50k subscribers with his own content, including series, vlogs, covers, and even a full-length documentary about the five and a half years of FOURCE. After successful series like “The Trap,” “Among Us in Real Life,” and “Paintball Shootout,” Niels is now busy developing new series and other new content.