Met de billen bloot


The program ‘Met de Billen Bloot’ revolves around an exciting game in which children and young people between the ages of 10 and 15 have the chance to meet their idol. But they don’t just win it, they also have to do something for it: the star is located on the top floor of the building.

Downstairs, the kids answer multiple choice questions about their idol. They do this by choosing from elevator A, B or C. In the elevator that goes up one floor, there are those who have given the correct answer. There are also cameras placed in it and so we see the tense faces of the participants… Because will they go up or will they stand still and the game is over for them?

The star goes ‘with the buttocks exposed’ in the sense that the questions asked can really be about anything. The questions are personal, so it’s about which participant estimates the star the best. The eventual winner will win a personal meeting with the star!