Maarten Vorwerk

Maarten Vorwerk is a Dutch music producer born on April 25, 1980 in Rotterdam. He gained popularity in the early 2000s with his track “Cambodia” and through his productions for Jeckyll & Hyde. He produces under various aliases and styles, with a discography consisting of over 400 tracks.

In the beginning of his career, he had success in the jump and hardstyle genres with aliases such as Vorwerk, Jeckyll & Hyde, Jack & The Ripper, and Noise Provider. Later on, he also produced other styles for other DJs and became more of a background figure.

In 2007, he scored his first number one hit in the Netherlands and Poland with Jeckyll & Hyde’s “Freefall”. He also scored a second number one hit in the Netherlands with Quintino with the track “Epic”. In recent years, he has worked with major pop and dance artists such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Far East Movement, Usher, Major Lazer, Sean Paul, Will.I.Am, TiĆ«sto, and many others.

Apart from being responsible for a couple of number one hits, Maarten Vorwerk has also produced multiple international and national top 10 hits. He has won several awards, including the TMF and Nightlife award.

In addition to his production successes, he is also the owner of his own record label called VRWRK and has written two books on tips for producing and mixing music called “Vorwerk Tip Of The Week”. He focuses on educating the new generation of dance producers.