Haarlem-based producer Lukaz (Loek van der Grinten) is a composer, producer, keyboardist and mixing engineer who has a.o. worked with Duncan Laurence, Will Knox, Krezip, Matt Simons, Dotan, Maan, Alain Clark and Bente.

Over the past years, he established his name into the Benelux pop-culture and is currently working with many (Dutch) upcoming and established artists. With a solid background in classical training on piano and church-organ, he’s specialized in producing (modern) pop, influenced by styles like dance/ambient/hiphop and 80’s/retrowave. His extensive and multifaceted skillset, workflow and refreshing sound make him a great asset for both writing sessions and productions.

To his list of achievements belong hit song ‘Zo Kan het Dus Ook’ by Maan, having reached a triple platinum status and being one of the winning titles of 2020’s Buma Awards. More recently, Lukaz collaborated on the Dutch entry into the Eurovision Songfestival 2023 for Dion Cooper and Mia Nicolai.