Levin Ross

In 2022, Levin Ross (16) started his musical career as a DJ and producer. He was mainly known as ‘the brother of’ singer Kiya, because he regularly appears in the much-watched vlogs on his sister’s YouTube channel. Levin has now released two official remixes called ‘Realisatie’ by FOURCE and ‘Anders’ by Kiya. He also played at a number of festivals, including Junior Summer Vibes, Tina Festival and Dutch Media Week.

Levin Ross was born in 2007 as Levin van Rossum and grew up in IJsselstein together with his two sisters Ruby and Kiya. He took his first steps towards DJing and producing music at the age of 11, where his parents gave him his first DJ booth. With his brand new DJ booth, he turned the group 8 summer camp upside down. Since then, no family party can be imagined without Levin behind the DJ booth.

In July 2022, he played for the first time at a public event, called Junior Summer Vibes located in Nieuwegein. In September Levin played two whole days on one of the two main stages of the Tina Festival in Wassenaar. In October, he was the permanent DJ of the Dutch Media Week Xperience Stage at the Media Park in Hilversum. In November he performed at Nikkie Plessen’s NIK&NIK VIP Event.

In addition to his DJ skills, Levin has also started to discover music production. He delivered his first official production for his sister Kiya: a cover of the song ‘Fingers Crossed’. Last summer he made his first official remix, for the song ‘Realisatie’ by FOURCE. This was followed by another remix for Kiya’s single ‘Anders’, in which Levin used a lot of his own samples. Eventually, he also wants to release his own original tracks, with vocals from various featuring artists.

In addition to DJing and producing, Levin is busy learning to play the piano and guitar. His predilection for film scores also emerges, in particular those of his hero Hans Zimmer.