Hakim Barkaoui, better known to most as Hakmadafack, is 26 years old and hails from Amsterdam.

From his early years, he has been involved with music and everything related to it.

It all began at “Youth Side,” a community center where Hakim frequented. There, he had access to a studio with a DJ set to develop his passion: making music.

During that time, a track titled ‘Boter kaas en eieren’ was created, which became an internet sensation.

After taking a break from his music career, Hakim decided to pick it up again in 2019. Hakim collaborated with 3robi as a DJ and shortly afterward produced multiple tracks for 3robi.

This opened up many opportunities for Hakim, leading him to produce tracks for various artists, including Louivos and the Fellas.

Nationally, Hakim was offered several DJ shows, and to this day, he continues to DJ and even has his own show.

In 2021, Hakim released his own EP titled ‘Bosses don’t speak.’ The reactions to this project were very positive, providing even more motivation for him to work on new projects.

To showcase his beats, a 101 Barz session was held with multiple artists, resulting in a lot of positive feedback and motivation.

Hakim is far from done with the music world and can’t wait to share his productions with everyone.

To be continued.