Ginger gained national recognition through his blind audition on The Voice of Holland in 2018. To the melody of the song ‘Treur niet’ by Diggy Dex, he rapped an ode to his father. The jury was in tears, his audition became the most-viewed video on YouTube, and Ginger was embraced by the Dutch audience. He signed a record deal with Mr. Probz’s Left Lane Recordings and released the song ‘Papa’ as his first single.

He was named ‘the great promise of 2020’ by radio station 538. After ‘Verbergen,’ ‘#alleskomtgoed,’ ‘Hier En Nu feat. Thomas Berge,’ ‘Soms,’ and ‘Voorgoed feat. JW Roy,’ he released his album ‘Het Moest Zo Zijn’ on November 13, 2020.

With the album ‘Het Moest Zo Zijn,’ Ginger closed a period of learning and openly shared the journey he had been through since his previous album release. With ‘Het Moest Zo Zijn,’ Ginger embraced these life lessons and embarked on a new path: “I now fully trust myself, my own intuition, and feelings.” In 2022, he has continued on his own and is consistently releasing singles, with the prospect of a third studio album to complete his trilogy.