Eves Laurent

Eves Laurent, born and raised in Amsterdam-Zuidoost, is a distinctive tribe in the Dutch rap scene. As a musician of Ghanaian descent, his love for music was awakened at an early age. Together with friends he started rapping, which grew into founding the collective De Fellas and the label HPF Music.

Since 2013, Eves Laurent has been putting forward his unique sound, mainly translating his personal experiences and observations of street life into powerful music. His lyrics are steeped in authenticity and that does not go unnoticed.

After his emergence on the rap scene, Eves Laurent did a Winter session with De Fellas at 101Barz in 2017, followed by his own Summer session later that year. He also left his mark on the Rotjoch United song Appelsap 2017, which was its first entry in the Dutch Single Top 100.

In 2018, Eves Laurent released her solo debut album “Rosé”, with tracks such as “Bandz voor de fam” and “Vibing girl” which became modest hits. Years later Eves Laurent resumed his difficult journey in 2021 with renewed determination. In collaboration with Frenna he released the single “21”, followed by his album “ Deze Is Niet Voor De Charts”. This included the remarkable song “De Ploff!”, although it was not released as a single, this song became a great success and therefore a gold record with more than 10 million streams. The album also went gold with more than 43 million streams.

In the following years, Eves Laurent released several singles, EPs and albums, including “Zeg Less Dan Nedig Is”, “Adfectus 21” and “De Rosé Achter Het Masker”. All of the aforementioned projects necessarily reached the Dutch Charts Top 100, with the highest ranking 7th for The Rosé Behind The Mask which was released on August 18, 2023. His music is a reflection of his personality and his journey through life and has left a lasting impression on his fan base.

Eves Laurent has also matured with other romantic artists in the Netherlands such as Sevn Alias, Dopebwoy, Lijpe, Josylvio, Mula B, Jayh Jawson, Adje, Hef and many more.