From the church to the biggest stages in the Netherlands, Amsterdam’s Elisha Amonoo-Neizer doesn’t shy away from any challenge.

As a six-year-old boy, he decided to play his first notes and has since set his sights on a career in music. He asked other artists for help and observed as they got to work. But in lightning-fast fashion, the boy grew up and started working as a keyboardist and composer. As a teenager, Elisha earned his stripes on Dutch and international stages. With his organic way of connecting with others, he has greatly expanded his network. But Elisha is more than just talk; he lives up to his talented promise and astounds everyone with his skills. His love for music has grown over the years, and the Amsterdam native is now available for just about anything. Yes, truly anything. His CV boasts an impressive number of titles. He’s a keyboardist, organist, band leader, vocalist, producer, composer, official Hammond player, and he even creates vocal arrangements. Elisha has got it all.

In the Netherlands, he has already earned two gold records for tracks with Boef, Emma Heesters, and Ronnie Flex. But Elisha is at home in all genres of music. He has also collaborated with Nana Fofie, Wolter Kroes, André Hazes Jr., Frenna, Alain Clark, and Rolf Sanchez. Not the least of names, to say the least.

Speaking of big names, Elisha is not only popular in the Netherlands. Even abroad, they now know who he is. Together with Jordan Rudess, also known as the Godfather of Synths, he served as the main acts representing Hammond as ambassadors at NAMM 2019 in California. Additionally, he has previously collaborated with Khirye, the bandleader of global star Khalid, and Damien Sneed, the organist of Aretha Franklin.

Elisha possesses many talents that should not be overlooked. And you know what they say: “Right place, right time” is exactly how Elisha operates. His mentality, determination, eagerness to learn, and never-quit attitude have taken him far. Now that the Amsterdam native has set his sights on his international breakthrough, it’s only a matter of time.

Don’t sleep on this multi-talent; you’ll regret it.