Daniel Kist

Daniel Kist (30) is a Dutch-language singer, pianist, and songwriter from The Hague, Netherlands. He creates Dutch-language pop music in the vein of artists like Bløf, Acda en de Munnik, and Racoon.

Daniel, or Daan for short, is no stranger to the music world. As the bandleader of acts like Ruben Annink, he has experienced every corner of the pop music scene. He is most well-known for his hit song ‘Adem,’ a track that was played nearly 900 times in one year by the radio station 100%NL. This makes him one of the most frequently played artists on the station. He is known as a super-social guy, always among people, but the beauty of his music emerges in the moments when he is alone with his piano and laptop.

His youth, his life, the ups and downs, inspired him to choose a different path than what was expected of him. “I noticed that I was looking for something different than the people around me. After an intense journey with many detours, I completely changed course. My studies, a large part of my friends, and my drone business had to make way. I found the most satisfaction in my piano. I write everything off, both lyrically and musically.”

This always results in fragile songs, with deep lyrics, but always with a goal in mind. From small to grandiose, always colored by his sensitive vocal style.