Bibi Espina

Bibi Espina is one of the hardest working women in the music industry. While she entertained tourists in Aruba night after night as a ‘singing bartender’, she stands out at RUMAG with her self-written ‘1 minute songs’ on Instagram. In addition to a job as an office manager, she works with the team and record company 8Ball on her debut EP ‘Short Circuit’ in which the listener is taken through the recognizable maze of falling in love and the perils of a relationship. 

Her single ‘Only you’ has been added to the playlist of 100%NL. Meanwhile, Bibi takes her steadily growing online fan base on an adventurous quest for new music and the position Bibi wants to take in it. Tough but vulnerable, honest and sharp, funny and full of passion. With the signing of a fresh record deal with CTM Music, Bibi can’t wait to start sharing new music in 2021!