Since the age of eleven, Bente has been singing, writing, and performing. As a teenager, she participated in The Voice Kids, performed on De Wereld Draait Door, and was the subject of her own documentary, “Bente’s Voice.” She also had a successful acting career early on, with roles in “Soof 2,” “Misfits,” and the leading role in “Kappen!”

In 2019, she signed with the record label Top Notch, started writing and singing in Dutch, and made her breakthrough with the single “Liefste, Ken Je Mij.” After releasing two EPs and several successful singles (including collaborations with artists like Maan and Ronnie Flex), Bente is now ready for the release of her debut album, “Als Ik Met De Wind Kon Dansen.” Obsessed with numerology and the number 11, Bente’s debut album was not coincidentally released on the unique date of 11-11-22. On the album, which also features Typhoon, Tim Knol, and Meau, Bente showcases her mature sound, a sound she will be touring across stages throughout the Netherlands and Belgium in 2023.