Belly is a Rotterdam native. Of mixed Surinamese and Cape Verdean descent, he lives and breathes music and is a ghetto reporter. He translates all his personal experiences, the ups and downs, life lessons from himself and his surroundings and loved ones, into rap and singing talents in audio form.

Because he speaks a lot of English with his mother, these influences are combined with the Dutch language in the form of a unique flow.

B3lly has his publishing managed by Aces/CTM, while his label and management are handled through VOELJEFRAI, in collaboration with H’artbeatz and Aces Music, they oversee the releases.

On April 30, 2021, B3lly released his first English-language song as a feature with Nino on the English platform GRM Daily, titled “Slavery Chapters (feat. B3lly, OfficialPeyy, Herselinni, Boss Belly, Sjennieman, Juna Dutch, Fereaux & Mongoose).”

On September 23, 2021, B3lly released his first single with the Dutch independent label OJ Fam Entertainment, “Bij Me Blijven,” in collaboration with Broertje and Yurmaine.

Meanwhile, he has already released several English and Dutch-language songs.