16 November 2021

Eloi Youssef leaves Kensington in 2022

After being part of Kensington for almost fifteen years, singer and guitarist Eloi Youssef will leave the band next year. That was just announced through a statement from the band on their social media channels. In addition, the band has announced two shows in the Ziggo Dome for September 3 & 4, 2022, which will also be the last shows together with Eloi.

We are not fighting each other, there is no hate, no conflict, just a difference in vision. Jan, Casper and Niles still want to dedicate their lives to Kensington, Eloi does not, anymore. That is probably the simplest version of this story, but to explain more, the four of us will be guests at Humberto this Sunday, 21:30, RTL4, for an exclusive interview.

We know this is a lot to process. We empathize with all of you who dedicate(d) so much time, love and energy to our band. We see you, we hear you and we do not take this lightly. It has been, is and will always be an honor to share our music with all of you. Everything that has happened the past 14 years surpassed our wildest dreams and we owe it all to you, our fans. Our hearts will forever be filled with gratitude for that” according to the band.

The departure of Eloi Youssef does not mean the end of Kensington as a band. The other members, Jan Haker, Casper Starreveld and Niles Vandenberg, will continue as a band. In addation, the four of them will complete their current tour and end their collaboration with Eloi on September 3 and 4, 2022 with two dazzling shows in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

Since their start, Kensington has grown into one of the biggest bands in the Netherlands. They received the Popprijs in 2017, won several 3FM Awards and MTV Awards and have sold out the Ziggo Dome completely sixteen times. They were also the first Dutch band to completely sell out the Johan Cruijff Arena in 2018. Their last released album is ‘Time’ from 2019 which contains songs like ‘Uncharted’ ‘Bats’ and ‘What Lies Ahead’. In addition, an Unplugged album will be released on Friday 26 November, recorded live during three sold-out shows in TivoliVredenburg in September of this year.