CTM Online Royalty Portal

Online royalty system

PDF statements with hundreds of pages are completely outdated. These recent years CTM has invested in its own and unique CTM Online Royalty System. CTM is the only publisher in the Netherlands that shows total transparency with up-to-date overviews of revenues per song, per country and per revenue stream. The royalty

statements are comparable, song by song. The online royalty system is easy to work with and gives you a 24/7 fast and clear understanding of the use and associated revenue of all your copyrights. You now have the possibility with this transparent system to analyze all copyright data, through various revenue streams and different countries.

Did your song have success on the radio abroad, or has your song toured through Europe? The online royalty system gives you the ability to analyze these up-to-date copyrights thoroughly and accurately.

What can you expect of the CTM Online Royalty System?

  • Overview of all registered songs at CTM.
  • Per song the ability to make a thorough analysis. Direct overview of highest earning songs and territories, with its resources.
  • Current financial statements, with an insight into your advance and the recoupment thereof.
  • Analysis possibilities with a dynamic dashboard and revenue per revenue stream (performance, mechanical, sync, etc.).
  • Analysis per country as well as an analysis of revenue stream per country.
  • Direct overview of highest earning songs and territories, with its sources.
  • Graphs with overviews of obtained income per period.
  • Direct download options: you can download the information at any time in different formats, so you can analyze it even more (e.g. in Excel) and that way, you can get a fantastic insight into your own figures.

And to make it even more convenient for you, we expect to launch the CTM Online Royalty App in 2022! With this, CTM is unique in the Netherlands. If you are interested to see more on this system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are proud to be able to show this to you!

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